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Tummy Take Away

The Tummy Take Away (TTA) is Anthroscopic’s platform for restaurant reviews. Our primary objective is to provide quality reviews of eating establishments across the country that evaluate each eatery according to two primary categories: Food & Drink and Service. While location, ambiance, decoration, layout, cleanliness, and the like play an important role in our overall evaluation of an establishment, the primary categories exemplify why most people go to restaurants in the first place, so they hold the most weight. The TTA also has a couple of rules. No restaurant will be reviewed without at least two visits by the reviewer. Humans have bad days, so restaurants have bad days; therefore, we want our reviews to be based on a foundation of continued experience. In this way, we can gauge consistency, identify positive and negative aberrations, sample multiple servers, and explore the menu*. At the same time, we want to consider the size and scope of the eatery under review. In order to accomplish this task, we will designate each establishment as a member of one of three classes: Ubiquitous Chain, Eatery Group, and Independent Local. These classifications will sometimes provide unsaid background and/or essential context about a given eating establishment, which may be a member of the same corporate family as an already reviewed restaurant or an independent, locally-sourced competitor. It is our objective to supply the best and most comprehensive reviews that adequately capture the connection one has with one’s food and the dinning experience.

Each review will feature at its end one of four ratings:

leaves my tummy grumbling, leaves my tummy queasy, leaves my tummy heavy, leaves my tummy full

*When and if a restaurant is reviewed after only one visit, a special note will be made to inform the reader and the special circumstances of the review.

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